Module MB Bosch MED17 CAN

FID: 203, 204, 205, 208

Module for virtual reading and writing through the diagnostic connector by CAN-bus for petrol Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Bosch MED17 ECUs.

Supported ECU types:

  • MB Bosch MED17.7.1 / MED17.7.3 (FID: 205)
  • MB Bosch MED17.7.3.1 (FID: 204)
  • MB Bosch MED17.7.2 (FID: 203)
  • MB Bosch MED17.7.5 (FID:215)
  • Infiniti Bosch MED17.7.2 (FID: 208)

Module allows:

  • SW identification
  • Virtual Reading of calibration area (900+ files in a base)
  • Writing of calibration area
  • CS correction

License cost:
250.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle

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